This is the beginning of a new blog to continue where my current will leave off. Currently, I keep the blog Harter Learning, on which is my first attempt at professional thought and discourse on technology, education, and learning. It’s going fine, but as I learn more about blogging and web 2.0 along with my thoughts on education, I have come to the decision that my blog belongs in edublogs for two reasons: 1) its educational focus and 2) I’ve just been tremendously impressed with WordPress. (already, the available tools in the toolbar are awesome!)

I have a lot to learn about what WordPress can do and I will play in this environment while I continue to offer my thoughts on learning and 21st century skills.

So, for a short time, I will be posting on both blogs, to ease the transition, but mostly I will be using Harter Learning to send people this way. If you are reading this, then you are in the right place. All of the posts from Harter Learning have been included on this blog to ease the transition and for archive purposes. My apologies if you’ve followed a trackback link only to find you’ve already read that post.

Thanks for getting here…hope you come back and help me sort through the wealth of thought that is out there as well as in my head about learning.

As for the title change…I was never happy with the title having my name in it, but truly, I was at a loss for a decent title and I just wanted to start blogging and discussing learning, hence the simple name. The new name describes what I’m really doing: thinking aloud. And I just liked the simple play on words. We tell our students that not only is thinking allowed, it’s encouraged. Here too.

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  1. mscofino says:

    Welcome to edublogs! Every now and again I’m forced to use blogger for one reason or another, but WordPress is just so much more powerful – I’m sure you’ll love it!

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