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I don’t know what Techlearning’s readership is…but I am sure that it is greater than mine.

Regardless, I want to share a good article by Scott Meech that was posted there that really sums up our need – as educators – to teach kids how to be 21st century literate (fluent?).

The blind assumption of truth on the Internet has reached alarming proportions.

The article talks about how our assumptions as educators are that kids “know how to use the technology and information resources”. After all, they are digital natives. But our assumptions are far from the truth.

Educators need to break away from the traditional role of teaching to embrace these new learning strategies. Too many times I have heard colleagues mention their personal preferences as a reason for not embracing technology in their classroom. I have heard colleagues mention that they would never read an E-book from a palm or laptop computer because they enjoy a real book so much. These same teachers are not using new technologies in their classrooms, which hinder their students learning.

Scott Meech is right on here. Our assumptions of strong ability and use by our students is not accurate or fair, yet too often we see teachers release their kids on the interent or refuse to have conversations with students about ethics or information validity or research skills.

Just because students appear to know more about computers than adults doesn’t mean they are truly technically literate.

It is incredible how often educators default to the idea that these digital native kids come with an inherent gift for using the technology (and use it well). It speaks more to their own insecurities than it does to a student skill set.

Anyway…a good article to read…I recommend it.

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