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Here at ISB, I am lucky to be working with a couple of tech studs: Justin and Kim. Together, we’ve restructured our PD this semester to customize the help we provide teachers and to encourage the conversation to move forward in the direction that tech and ed need to go.


Of course, we continue our embedded technology approach with teachers and work with classes directly building in PD right into the sessions we do with students. Teachers learn best when they see best practices and new tools being used practically and with kids.


On Mondays, the 3 of us hang out in a room and take on ANY and ALL questions and problems teachers have been having. iPods to e-mail, SmartBoards to Garage Band, Audacity to cleaning up a desktop, we customize the PD to what they want to know. With 3 of us there, we can handle A LOT of traffic.

Here’s our Personal Tech Support “commercial”, nice work Justin!

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On Wednesdays, we run Wired Wednesdays, a discussion based session around the philosophy and direction of education, technology, and learning. Usually inspired by a video (think mwesch), we then just talk and then hopefully redirect the conversation into the blogosphere and classrooms. These sessions we are going to broadcast on Ustream.

So join us on Wednesdays, 2:15 pm, Bangkok time on UStream for our Wired Wednesdays. Or watch the sessions in rerun from our channel.
For more on this check out Justin’s post too, which includes our blurbs out to teachers promoting the sessions.

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  1. I was writing a comment but my son started clicking links on my computer while I made a cuppa so i’m not sure if you’ve already received an unfinished message from me! You guys are inspirational. I’m Head of Information Services (Teacher- Librarian)at my school in Melbourne, Australia, and have recently entered the Blogosphere. My learning is moving along rapidly as a result of reading educator’s blogs and I’m trying to impart this to my fellow teachers. I can sense the slow uptake as my colleagues realise I have knowledge but I’ve been grappling with how I impart it. I love your wired Wednesday idea – I’ve signed up with Ustream and hope to get involved in an online capacity with your learning. I’ve been reading your posts on Dangerously Irrelevant and really like the new literacy wiki you’ve set up – I’m going to write a post about it on my blog – hopefully staff from my school will look at it and see how we can move forward. Like you we’ve been exploring UBD and can see the benefits of planning this way. I feel like I’m the only one in my school operating on this page – I’d like to tap into your network because this is the thinking I have about the future of education. I’ll be reading and hopefully communicating in your Ustream workshops.
    Jenny Luca.

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