Thinking together

I am at the EARCOS Admin Conference in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

I have just come out of the room after presenting the I.T. Curriculum 2.0 presentation that Justin and I developed a year ago and its newest iteration.  Was a great turn out and a wonderful conversation.  People offered terrific insight and questions and it is an awesome reminder how smart the people running schools are.  And it’s an honor to start a conversation with them about rethinking how students learn and what they need to learn.

(Click on the Presentations tab to get to my wiki to see notes and resources from the presentation.)

What’s additionally cooler though, is having a colleague like Jeff who live blogged my whole session to his audience and created a back channel conversation on all of those thoughts.  Thanks Jeff.  Check out the unbelievable conversation that happened online, live as I was presenting.  Talk about shared learning!

Next presentation on Tuesday, 13:45 my time which I believe is GMT +8.  Looking for Learning – How supervsiors can foster best practice technology use.  The more I’ve been talking with administrators, the more I see that this is something a lot of schools want to know more about.  I’m excited.

3 thoughts on “Thinking together

  1. Looking forward to hearing how this goes and the questions and conversations that come from it. Will you be posting your presentation somewhere? Wiki? Slideshare?

    Best of luck!

  2. By the way, I had my librarian check out the new literacy wiki and Curriculum 2.0 video this weekend. This is what she had to say.

    “This encompasses everything that I have been reading lately, thinking lately, needing lately, hearing lately, struggling with lately. This vision of what it all means is one that I think we really need to share with our faculty and which we need to support throughout our curriculum. This provides a framework for our technology, integrated curriculum and research process. Nice music too

    Looks like I have a new ally in the creation of TYS21 – The newest spawn of the “curriculum 2.0” family.

  3. Justin, great to hear from you. You have always been an incredible colleague and pushed thinking in me and others in the direction it has to go. Our thinking seems to be striking a cord both live and online. Great to see people on board.

    Maybe we do have some good ideas!

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