What technology can do (differently)

Technology can do a lot of things.

Some are faster ways to do tedious things (like repeated calculations, making graphs, or maintainig draft versions of writing).  These are helpful.

Others provide flashy ways to present ideas (like web sites, presentations, and publications).  These can be incredibly powerful.  They can also be painfully mis-used.

But there is a part of technology that we have only begun to tap into that is transformational.  There are things technology can do for us now, that simply were not possible before.

Technology can connect us to anyone.

Watch this.

(you most likely have seen this Connectivism video at either Wes Fryer’s blog or Jenny Luca’s)

Pretty powerful.  And technology allows us to do that now.

One thought on “What technology can do (differently)

  1. This economic crisis will place a fork in the road for education. Many school’s will stays the traditional route and some will revolutionize their whole systems. The revolutionaries will not be the big international school, as it’s far to difficult to change any large organization. It’ll be from an unlikely source. Maybe from a new up start, with a small budget and a need to make it’s self different from the crowded space of international schools. I wonder if the Green School in Bali would be such a school to take on this new role. Only time will tell.

    I’m basis and believe this video presents the way to move forward. I’m in one of these big international school and feel we’re all in a car sliding on a frozen high way. How do we guide our big schools so that we don’t go crashing off into oblivion?

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