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My name is Dennis Harter (dharter to everyone on the web) and I work as the High School Technology and Learning Coordinator at International School Bangkok in Thailand.

I am in my 16th year as an educator at international schools – 8 years as a math teacher and now in my 8th year as a divisional tech coordinator. I’ve worked in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and now Bangkok. I have a personal interest in international school education, as I also attended international schools for most of my K-12 schooling.

I began blogging about education in January 2007 at Blogger under the un-inventive title of “Harter Learning”, but moved everything over to Edublogs and Thinking Allowed in March 2007.

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  2. Dennis, it’s a voice from your past saying hello! A friend emailed me an article of interest and imagine my surprise when it was written by you!!! As luck would have it, Gregg and I are looking to go overseas again and ISB is of high interest to us. I’d love it if you would contact me by email. Your familiy looks awesome- there is just so much to catch up on…


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